2000 Bloggers

OK … looks like I am coming late to this one … but Tino Buntic has created what looks like another version of the Z-list — except this time to be added to the list you have to return to his site and add your name in the comments. It is a montage of the photos of 2000 bloggers (currently up to about 650 judging by the comments).

Interesting … it takes and extends a bit of Sandy’s idea with the Z-list and gives it a twist. Whereas Sandy’s approach was to take a design element and incorporate it into the montage, Tino’s idea is to use actual photos of the blog author. I was surprised to see a few faces there that I knew … and it made me think about the use of personal photos on blogs (another post to follow on this). It also made me think about MyBlogLog … as the reason I happened across 2000 Bloggers was through a bit of MyBlogLog hypertext love. Hmmm … I will need to think through this a little more!

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