A Post for Sharon

  Go Home Lake Road 
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It is easy to get caught up in the blogosphere … you can quickly jump from one post to another, visit a new blog, begin commenting, think about a new post for your own site and, before you know it, it is way past your bed time.

Now I don’t normally discourage readers … especially the ones that are extra clever and also brave enough to leave a comment or two! But, Sharon, I want to support you in your goals. So go home.

2 thoughts on “A Post for Sharon

  1. Gavin–How did you know that I would be at your blog AGAIN reading and posting comments? Am I that predictable? 🙂
    Now I’m less worried about maximizing efficiency and more alarmed that I’ve lost my air of mystery and become waaaay too predictable.
    I guess I’ll just have to leave comments under various pseudonyms from now on.;-)

  2. This one is a jewel, really… You (Gavin) both (Sharon), made a huge smile “pop” on my face with your post and comment. Excellent!
    Please, just… keep blogging, guys! : )

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