Alien Contact

I don’t know why I have never done this before … but tonight I hooked up with my friend, Mindblob, all the way from outer space. I must admit there was something thrilling about actually speaking to somone for the first time — and now, of course, I just want to do more. And Skype makes it all so easy … and free!

We spoke briefly about his recent article which seems to capture some of the thinking that is circulating BSP-style at the moment about the need to re-imagine the agency structure. (Or perhaps, just re-imagine and re-position the power and authority structures within agencies.) If you have not seen Luc’s post, then make sure you do.

From there, take a look at where Marcus is going with a whole outsourcing argument … there is some excellent thinking around the practical challenges/consequences of business process outsourcing (for marketing) as well as the application of "best practices".

Meanwhile, Richard is hosting a passionate debate around the same topic but from a different perspective. He asks "Is blogging killing planning" … and has provoked some great comments from new and experienced planners as well as others outside the "plannersphere". One of my favourites is by Johnnie Moore whose blog just happens to be unavailable at present! Johnnie says: "I’m dismayed that anyone believes that by sharing their thinking people become more stupid". From memory, I think Johnnie has a post on this topic too, but can’t reference it at present.

Finally, my Sydney coffee morning comrade, Vando, deals out a slap or two with his post "Do Agencies Give a Shit?". Great and provocative reading for us all!

Oh, and speaking of coffee mornings, Coffee Queen, Emily Reed is hosting this Friday’s pre-work soiree at Strawberry X,
Cnr of Mary & Reservoir Streets, Surry Hills at 8am. Come one, come all … or you can just Skype me.


5 thoughts on “Alien Contact

  1. cheers for the shout Gavin. The “Creative Process Outsourcing” thing looks like it may turn into some kind of series.
    I’ve sent you my skype details. Over skype.

  2. Hey Gavin,
    It was great talking to you as well. I enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to add vision to the sound. It is reducing the distance even more than emails and comments on blogs is. There is an incredible communication power underneath this… so many ideas come up when thinking about it. I’m still trying to figure out what this will lead us to in the future.
    Talking about the future and work, thank you for mentioning my post. I received a few indirect feedbacks telling me that “time to think about it was needed”… Funny thing is that it is exactly what I feel about it myself (could be a “reason why” of this post, really). Anyway… go get that USB or Firewire camera and let’s fill that empty bandwidth between Belgium and Australia, mate!
    Your (less Alien than before) friend.
    Luc. ; )

  3. If you haven’t heard, coffee morning second life is this thursday at 9am EST. Of course, I think that’s about 1am the next day for you guys, but hopefully you can make it! 🙂

  4. Yeah 1am! Might have been possible but I promised Emily I would make it for REAL coffee at 8am on Friday! And anyway, that SecondLife stuff is freaking me out.
    But now I have a Dracula Cape I am feeling a lot better!

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