BarCamp Sydney is Go

Looks like there really is going to be a BarCamp here in Sydney in March. There are even a number of interesting presentation topics starting to appear. I was thinking of presenting a little something on digital storytelling … but thought I would get your input first — a la Russell Davies.

What do you think?

Oh, there is a BarCamp Sydney blog too. Keep upated by checking it out here.

6 thoughts on “BarCamp Sydney is Go

  1. Do it!
    I loved Sydney in my brief stay there in April. I look forward to getting back there this year too and will let you know when I arrive. Also, Masters Track World Cyclcing Championships are in Sydney for at least the next three years and I am going to try and make it to at least one of them and try to win a medal… since I’ve ridden the track there at the Dunc.

  2. Medal for Most Obnoxious Bike Blogger… maybe…
    I will definitely be in touch when I know my schedule better- not sure if it will be in March, April or May yet. Best part; I have a lot of friends to visit there now between the bloggers I know (including you) and all the bike folks I know. Now I just need to get a job there and I can stay!

  3. Gavin–I would LOVE to hear your presentation on digital storytelling. You absolutely must do it, and you must also video record it and make it available online so that those of us not in Australia can see/hear it.
    That sounds a bit bossy doesn’t it–“you must do it!”:-). I just know that not only do I enjoy reading everything you write for the simple beauty of how you express your thoughts in words, but I’ve also learned a lot from you about the art of storytelling.
    You would be an excellent presenter and your topic is very compelling. I hope you do it!

  4. Do it! Hello Gavin, Christy here from BarCampSydney. I’d love to hear your talk about digital storytelling as it is a topic close to my heart. I’ll be talking about storytelling too and so am really hoping to get a content-focused (story and brand?) thread going at the event. Best, Christy

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