Book Club Ahoy

Stangmella_1 My good buddy, CK, is putting in the hard yards to make sure that you all remember that the MarketingProfs Book Club’s first group review starts in ONE WEEK. That’s right, you have to read the book and be ready for witty repartee and thrilling insight in less than 7 days!

CK is spreading the message the best way she knows how … she’s out there on foot, hooking up with other bookworms, enlisting the national guard, riding whales and even placating penguins (want to know more … check it out here).

Don’t forget, if you have not joined up yet, you can still do so! Just send CK an email at and tell here you’re in.

Oh, and the story CK tells to get us all inspired is one of the best blog stories I have seen in a while. Check it out.

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