Twain as a Blogger

  Tom Sawyer in Twain’s Handwriting 
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I have always liked Mark Twain as a writer. I remember reading Tom Sawyer over a hot summer in high school, I remember the dog-eared book with my name in the front and the way that the pages seemed a little floppy due to the humidity.

At university, my study of American Literature brought a whole new level of understanding of not just Twain’s books, but his politics, interests and place within the American canon.

And tonight, as I was clicking through some of the Z-list sites, I found this great article — the Mark Twain Guide to Better Blogging. It brought back some great memories as well as making some great points. Check it out!


One thought on “Twain as a Blogger

  1. Thanks so much for passing this on–what a cool twist on blogging tips!
    I have often thought as I read folks’ blogs that much of what they’re writing about could have come from the minds of great thinkers and writers of the past.
    For example, there’s a HUGE movement in the blogosphere with productivity and life simplification, and I know that Henry David Thoreau would have been leading the way (and blogging his heart out!) if he were around today.
    This also reminds me that I need to continue searching through the Z-list. I’ve found some real gems so far. Adding to the list!

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