Eyes Wide

Yet Another Eye Photo
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The eyes have long been associated with truth — and with deception. When we are told to "open our eyes", it often means that we should re-look at a situation. When we are said to have "wide eyes" then it implies surprise or in other instances, clear vision. There are many variations on this …

But this new year, on January 1, "eyes wide" means a whole new world of hope.

I would like to thank all who have sent emails, comments, and MORE. When I have a moment, there are emails heading your way!


4 thoughts on “Eyes Wide

  1. Gavin – hi – Happy New Year – thank you for you words and for your inspiration that I get through your blog – always a pleasure – thank you. I hope that Noel and his friends get well soon and that 2007 gives you all that you deserve.
    Kind regards

  2. Yes Gavin, the eyes are important- maybe never more so than now. Very happy to hear that this moment has come so soon in the new year- that is a great way to get the ball rolling.
    Thank you for your continual greatness of heart and person.

  3. did you know that when Pandora opened the box–and the world turned on its head –that at the bottom of the box was HOPE? Lots of people forget to include that part of the story.
    Yep, hope prevails. Thanks for the wonderful update. We are with you, Noel and others.

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