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Tagging will hurt us all
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I have noticed a few taggings happening across the world famous Interweb over the last couple of weeks … It can be fascinating to watch the way that this type of wildfire-viral works … and fun to be involved. Each person who is tagged has to divulge five personal things that most people don’t know. You then have to tag five others.

So now it is my turn … I have been tagged by Andrea Learned — fellow contributor at the Daily Fix, original pink thinker and guru on marketing to women. Andrea also writes a mean email 😉

So my five things:

  1. Despite what my profile may say, I was not born on a boat.
  2. Before I went all corporate and then went creative, I studied theatre and performance, wrote plays and wanted to be a theatre director.
  3. I once rode a motorbike from Sydney to Uluru (and wow was it cold) — one of the most beautiful and spiritual places on earth.
  4. I have been fascinated with China and Chinese culture since I was a child. I wanted to learn how to write Chinese but only got as far as one or two characters. I proudly remembered the word for RICE … and was resoundingly disappointed recently to find out that it was incorrect.
  5. I aim to be a bad influence on my friends. Even though I know they will get into trouble. But at least we have fun … and no one has lost any limbs yet.

Now my five targets, sorry, fellow dolphins:

  1. CK — marketing chick about town, fellow Buffy-lover and indefatigable blogger.
  2. Marcus Brown — clever blogger thinking about returning to the world of advertising but struggling now to defend his alma mater — Dartington College of Arts. Check out Marcus’ passionate posts on why good arts colleges should stay open and teach us all how to think for ourselves.
  3. Shouty Katie — wear your heart on your sleeve? No way … it is way more personal than that over at Get Shouty.
  4. David Armano — oh c’mon, I can’t believe he hasn’t been tagged yet. Perhaps it is that teflon coated jacket he’s been wearing.
  5. Emily Reed — the driving force behind the Sydney Coffee Mornings — I can’t believe anyone can be that perky in the morning!

7 thoughts on “Tagged – Now I feel like a dolphin

  1. Thanks for the tag, the links and the kind words. It’s nice to hear that someone thinks I’m clever when I feel like a fool most days. You’re a gentleman.

  2. The motorcycle ride sounds like it could be a play someday…or movie.
    Watch out “Easy Rider”.
    Great to learn more about you.
    And are you sure you weren’t born on a boat?
    Thankful for our blogging friendship, Mike

  3. Thanks all … seems that CK may be a piker. Something about needing a non-blog life or visiting family or some such nonsense.
    I was very close to tagging Angryman over at:
    Which would have been FUNNY just to see the rant that follows. Next time, it would be REALLY cool to track some of this meme energy through Technorati tags or perhaps BuzzLogic! Hello BuzzLogic … anyone listening?

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