Introducing the Audience

There has been a great and spirited debate going on today over at Paul Coleman’s blog. It all centres around the video below that has received almost 1.5 million views on YouTube. I don’t want to discuss the merits or otherwise of the video … there is plenty of that in the comments to Paul’s original post — but what this video DOES do is introduce us to the YouTube audience. It shows us the WAY that the members of this audience ACT upon and engage with the technology, and the way that it has been invited into the lives of millions of people. What is the future of the web? Or web 2.0? It is people … and here they all are.

2 thoughts on “Introducing the Audience

  1. I once heard a quote attributed to T.S. Elliot that went something like, “Thanks to television it is now possible for millions of people to listen to the same comedian tell the same joke and laugh at the same time, and still be lonely.”
    Watching the YouTube piece in this post it makes me believe that Elliot was right.
    That at least was my first impression as I watched.
    And I didn’t feel judgmental about this. I felt a kind of “yes” form inside me that agreed – “I know what that feels like too. That desire to be heard. To have a voice.”
    As always Gavin, you’ve got my mind racing.
    What kinds of 1st impressions did the rest of us feel?

  2. Blogger has media executives eating out of his hand.

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