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When I first came across David Armano and his now famous blog, I was struck by the way he was able to tap into ideas circulating around the blogosphere and turn them into strong visuals. Not only that, he would provide a story about how these ideas worked, what they meant for brands, customers and even marketers and advertising types. He has been able to draw the emerging threads of conversations together to help explain ourselves to ourselves.

This winning approach has continued and David’s fame and influence has continued to grow. And if you read THIS blog and DON’T read David’s, then I suggest you partake of David’s extensive archive of insight.

Some time ago (ok weeks seem like years in the blogosphere), CK asked her readers what was the single most important point of value that they received from blogging. Rather than just leaving the responses languishing in the comments of the post, CK has "done a Darmano" (thanks to Ann for that one) and produced a great PDF that pulls together the top line ideas and then breaks out all the comments by author.

What this actually forms is a single record that helps answer "why blog". And because it captures the responses of some of the world’s most respected marketers/bloggers, it will prove a very nice addition to any presentation. Oh, and if you missed out on having your view incorporated, CK is also asking for more input.

Really, one of the amazing things about blogging is this … generosity — of ideas AND actions.


6 thoughts on “CK does a Darmano

  1. Gavin,
    Something is brewing in the blogosphere today. No bullshitting you—yesterday I thought about both CK’s original post as well as the Adam C post, and then as I’m firing off an e-mail to Roger von Oach, he’s commenting on L+E and sending me e-mails. Wierd.
    So back to CK—I agree. She did a great thing by culstivating all those comments in a visual way. This is the thing about blogs/bloggers that I love. It’s not about theory and drawn out hypothesis. It’s about reality, sharing knowledge and community. and DOING.
    Oh, and to further freak you out—you just commented on L+E.
    What does this all mean?????
    Somebody call Adam.

  2. That pdf is excellent. I identified with almost every comment in it.
    Blogging really makes you feel part of a community. A community that’s happy to share thoughts and discoveries.
    I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt as a result of blogs and blogging over the last six months.

  3. Gavin,
    Generosity is indeed a key. Open mind is another one. Curiosity yet another. Empathy (as mentioned by DA) essential. Sharing all of this brings some “magic” out of it. When I read some comments, I can see magic in the eyes of many of us. It feels great to share that, understanding there is an initial link to marketing at the beginning. Does blogging bring magic into marketing? ; )
    And of course, once again congrats to CK for this great looking and pertinent tool. Gavin, thank you for pointing David’s contribution to the community as I think it is important to mention as well.
    Ann, Can’t believe you wrote “David, I was *just thinking* about you….! And there you are! You’re e v e r y w h e r e ! ! ! !”. You know why? Because I was *just thinking* about you and David, and you guys are indeed… e v e r y w h e r e ! ! ! ! Remember David’s comment on this post? ; )

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