Commitment is a Funny Thing

Olivier Blanchard has a great post on his Brand Builder blog about commitment. He has a great perspective on what it takes to commit to a project — either a yes or a no. Make sure you read the whole post, but here is a taste:

Commit. Give it everything. Your project. Your job. Your relationship. Your race. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well… and if it’s worth doing well, it’s worth doing exceptionally well.

There is even a great section in the post that talks about projects that you aren’t passionate about. You know the type — the one where you have no choice — where it has been delegated to you or forced upon you.

If you can’t turn it down, if your boss or client forces you to work on something you would rather not spend any time on, then take a breather. Go clear your head. Find that one thing in the project or task that you know you can throw yourself at wholeheartedly, and focus on that.

Don’t ever, ever, ever do anything half-assed. Ever.

Of course, if you need something to be passionate about, check our and contribute.


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