Authentic Beauty

You have probably all seen this video by now … it is getting massive play on YouTube. It shows how the standard processes that agencies use turn a "person" into a "model". Interestingly, the entire brand spirit/promise that has been articulated by Dove focuses around a sense of authenticity — or reality. So how does this type of expose affect our viewing of the brand? I am guessing that it won’t have a significant detrimental effect.

It reminds me of the difference between reality and performance — where a performance is only understood by its audience as "real" when it is larger in articulation both physically and emotionally. Actors and performers also use techniques to appear "real" … they over articulate words to make them sound clear, they extend their movements so that they appear "lifelike" and they apply makeup to help express emotion and engage with the audience. The importance is in articulating the story to your audience … the telling is part technique and part art.

Thanks to Stan for the link.

2 thoughts on “Authentic Beauty

  1. OK…now I’m CONVINCED we’re in sync…I am also pulling a post together inspired by this video! I’m taking a different angle (not opposing, just a different angle).
    This happens to Paul (hee-haw marketing) and me all the time, too.

  2. CK … looking forward to the different angle! Actually, I am thinking that there is a more substantial post on this topic (not the video).
    I love the way that ideas circulate around the blogosphere. It is like the ideas themselves have a currency that builds, peaks and then (later) re-emerges. I am sure there is a post yet to come on this … and perhaps if we are really nice to David Armano he might come up with a fabbo image to map it.

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