Beauty is the New Punk

Joan as Police Woman
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I head a great radio interview this morning with Joan Wasser. She is here visiting Australia at the moment and she was talking, briefly, about her current motto — “Beauty is the New Punk”. I love it.
It is easy to think that “beauty” is skin deep … but anything truly beautiful has a profound stillness to it. The Beautiful defies both logic and emotion (sorry David), yet draws strength from them. And we may not be able to articulate it … but we know it when we EXPERIENCE it.
More to come on this, I am sure.

One thought on “Beauty is the New Punk

  1. The rival of beauty is good news!
    I think because it defies logic and emotion (again, sorry David) it cannot be controlled.
    For that reason there is a humility in recognizing beauty.
    And I am all for more humility in the business world.

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