Wear Your Heart on Your Chest

The blogosphere is filled with lists. There are "top 5" lists, there are "top 10" lists. There the "best 3" lists and the "worst 3" lists. It seems that we are all destined to create list after list for our readers to stew over, comment on and discuss.

Most of the time these posts annoy me. I do not like the list. I am anti-list really (except when I need to organise myself). I think this comes from some strange desire to abolish lists and rules … a last dash of anarchy in a world of order. But then I read this post by Russell Davies and it gave me a new perspective.

It seems that I have the list all wrong … it is not trying to capture or define me, it is a way for me to define myself! Russell links to this GREAT site where you can order a T-shirt carrying your favourite list. Not only can you put your favourite Top 5 list on your blog, but you can now wear it as a T-shirt. So, if you are being truthful and dare to write a REAL Top 5 for your blog (you know, the kind where you TRUTHFULLY put forward a Top 5 that MATTERS to YOU) there is a chance to now wear your heart not on your sleeve, but on your chest. Cool!

So what would mine be? A little boring. Probably all about lists.


PS … and if you read Russell’s excellent post, I think Lego is cool … but Bionicle is waaay cool.

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