Designers are Wankers

While I think the title of this post is great, I think it is a much better title for book! I found this over at Patrick Syms & Yusuf Chuku’s Staufenberger Repository blog.

The Staufenbergers raise an interesting point … over the last couple of years, debate over "creativity" has been heightened and managed by professional consultants. There have been books, discussions, blogs, articles and so on … but much of the debate has been transformed into consultant-speak, tyrranised by the voice of the corporation, and starved of human touch.

And while I am more than happy to hear about companies trying to encourage creativity and innovation, I am just as interested in freeing creativity and innovation from the binds that turn it into process. My view of creativity is a little more disruptive and anarchic than this … and it is precisely those types of disruptions that I am most interested in.

Long live creative chaos!


5 thoughts on “Designers are Wankers

  1. Gavin,
    In unrelated news, I like the new blog design direction. The previous white text on black background was tough on the eyes. Especially during scrolling. And your new brand feel more like you. Nice move.

  2. Hey Gavin
    Thanks for the write up. Much appreciated.
    Much as though I would love to take sole credit for the The Repository, I have to point out that it is a group effort. In fact many posts, including the one you refer to, are penned by my partner in crime, the famous Yusuf Chuku.

  3. Creativity is something that I cannot stop sometimes… But I’m sure that no books will help to be more creative. There should be some talent and a lot of practice in a person.
    This is only my idea. By the way, your white blog pages look a bit unusual to me but the logo os great!

  4. Hey Patrick, thanks for stopping by … I did look for writing attributions but couldn’t see any. Amended now!
    David and Julia, thanks for the feedback — I am still getting used to the design myself, but I am liking it more and more.
    Mike, I often think that if we can imagine what it is like to see through the eyes of a child, then we can see the possibilities and new beginnings of all things. Even our own creativity! Thanks!

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