Blogroll Love

Often, when I am looking for a bit of hypertext loving, I jump from blogroll to blogroll, never knowing where I am likely to end up. This is part of the fun … and also, often, part of the disappointment. It is fun when you don’t know where you are going to end up … what valuable gem you are going to discover … but it can be disappointing when you end up where you started.

Mike Sansone has a nice categorised blogroll … all focused around blogging, branding and business — the three “Bs”. A more random assortment of links can be found at Marktd … but these can ALSO be browsed by category.

But what are the other opportunities for finding some obscure blog love? Where can you go to find something that is new? What is your favourite method? What search site do you use?

Where do you get your blogroll love?


2 thoughts on “Blogroll Love

  1. I just started testing out StumbleUpon ( While it’s not exclusive for finding blogs it’s pretty funny what you can find.
    It’s easy to use/setup and get started.
    I haven’t experimented with much of its networking/friend-making functionality – just use it to cruise around and locate interesting stuff to check out.

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