New Blog Design

Ok … so it is finally done. A new design!

I was thinking about how my initial plans were to use this blog as a form of writing discipline … and an outlet for my "creative" writing "talents". Things have obviously moved on from there (which is also part of the fun). But something that is still at the core of what I am interested in is communication and the importance of words/storytelling.

So I started looking around on the web for inspiration. There were plenty of cool sites about the history of communication, about printing and publishing and about typography (something that I have always been interested in). And the banner seemed to start to flow from there.

Now that the design has been updated, perhaps Terry will leave me alone.


4 thoughts on “New Blog Design

  1. Well done, looking good.
    Though we Staufenbergers are feeling slightly deserted – there are fewer and fewer of us working that willfully unhelpful, white-out-of-black thing.
    At least we have the black borders are a little reminder of your former self.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. i finally got back and read your posts…and i wanted to say congrats for the new design! i think it’s excellent and so much easier to read! made me realise i really need to do something about my blog design as soon as possible 🙂

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