Don’t Research Your Good Ideas

OK … I know you have heard me before on this … and really I should file this under RANT rather than the kindly "innovation", but I must agree with Seth Godin on the use of focus groups.

A focus group is not going to help you plot your way forward. They are not going to give you the answers to your serious business or marketing challenges. They may, at best, help knock some rough edges off your tactical efforts. They will answer your questions within the framework parameters that you specify — but if you want more from them, then you are wasting their time and your money.

There is NO shortage of good ideas, but there really is a shortage of capability in delivering upon them. Wherever you look you will find an endless conga line of consultants, marketers and agencies all vying for your attention. But can they deliver? Are they flexible enough to be able to change direction mid-stream? Save your research money and plough it into planning and implementation then be prepared to learn fast.

And leave focus groups to the dinosaurs.


One thought on “Don’t Research Your Good Ideas

  1. I just finished reading “And now a few words from me” by advertising critic Bob Garfield. He suggests using focus groups, not to compile statistics, but to listen to folks’ initial reactions — especially the dreaded “I don’t get it…”, which may signal doom for your campaign.

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