Activating Your Audience(s)

It is important to have a story to tell. It is great to know that you have an audience. But once you know these things, you also need to know where you want to LEAD your audience. How will your story evolve as you begin to interact with your audience? And what is the difference between interacting with, and ACTIVATING, your audience?

All these questions began raging through my mind as I read Johnnie Moore’s excellent summary of current and future projects over at the BBC. It is clear from the list that the BBC face many challenges, but are building a strong web platform that not only allows for interaction, it activates their diverse audiences. From online games to digital broadband, and from issue-oriented discussion/blog forums through to digital archives and mobile Internet … the programs under development (or already active) are using technologies in the way that PEOPLE want to use them.

I love the way that they are not just using the technology to tell their own story … but also allowing others to tell personal stories or to create new modes of storytelling. Something to watch as it evolves!