Can Working With Stupid People Kill You?

I was forwarded an article the other day that claimed that “idiots in the office are just as hazardous to your health as cigarettes”. And while the article was at least a little tongue-in-cheek (or perhaps fictitious even), it did make me think …

There are many frustrations to be found in any job. And when you are dealing with “creative” people, or worse, a “creative process”, then the stress levels can rise pretty quickly. It is easy to dismiss the mis-communications, misunderstandings and “creative differences” as a “left or right brain thing”. But Johnnie Moore points out a great in-depth post by Kathy Sierra, that explains how our brains learn to adapt to the behaviours and situations to which we are exposed. EVEN to those behaviours that we don’t like or WANT to mimic.

So not only can stupid people cause you to “explode”, they can make you become idiotic in the process.

4 thoughts on “Can Working With Stupid People Kill You?

  1. My question is WHY do Human Resources people hire STUPID PEOPLE?? WHY???
    I work as the supervisor of a merchandise/retail area of a resort. Without Fail, whenever they send me a NEW employee to train, he or she will be someone with ZERO EXPERIENCE and a TOTAL LACK of interpersonal communications skills.
    I mean COME ON PEOPLE!! Why the $*#( whould you hire someone who has ZERO EXPERIENCE??
    It’s so much easier to train someone who has at least SOME idea of what they need to do and who is mature enough to SPEAK UP and TALK at a volume where you can understand them.
    God I need to win the Lottery so I can retire.

  2. Wow, I thought I worked for the company that does that. And watched a few GREAT people get fired because they were late a few times, but they took on the calls of the ZERO EXPERIENCED people which made their workload all more tiring.
    What’s up with that?
    And for this gas ‘crisis’, I think that people who drive SUVs in the city should pay TWICE as much for the current gas prices. I bet that will balance out the gas issue.
    Think, as soon as Humvees hit the market, months later (7 WEEKS), the gas started move’in on up in price.
    Bottom line:
    Just because you can afford a $50k+ vehicle and afford the gas, it does not mean be wasteful.
    Contribute – you’re rich, help out by paying double the price.
    C’mon, we make less than $30k a year, you’re rich right? Well, show it off in-style.
    Some of us walk, ride a bike or ride a bus.

  3. Ja haven’t had a laugh like this in ages….. I remember the article in South Africa. I printed it and placed it on the wall in my office. The stupid ones read it and some more than once said “I don’t get it” ….. here’s your sign! IDIOT!

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