Blogging is Hard Work

You know, when I started out I was aiming to write one blog entry each day with the aim of making it to 999 in around 3 years. But apart from anything else, I was interested in what disciplines may be required in achieving this. And as today the total number of entries sits at 100, I can say that I have been humbled by the beast!

There are 5 things that I have learned:

  1. Just because you write something doesn’t mean that it will interest anyone (no matter how much you love it)
  2. You have got to share the love in order to get some lovin’ yourself (ie don’t think that others will read your rantings if you don’t read those of others)
  3. Keep focused because your readers are interested in the TOPICS you rant about … not necessarily in all the tangents that you throw up (unless your blog is about tangents)
  4. Don’t take it too seriously
  5. Don’t just "report", analyse and add perspective
  6. Anyone still reading? Yeah I know this is six, but the final one is keep trying to surprise yourself AND your readers.

Thanks to all those who keep reading!