What the Fleck?

I followed Oliver Blanchard’s post to Decisive Flow the other day. They run a web design business specialising in small business. I like the fact that they seek out cool tools to play with and present them in interesting ways — and I especially like the way that they bring new technologies to small business as a way of providing innovation to an often overlooked market.

Today, Natalie linked through to Fleck.com. The article was actually about a more adventurous approach to business travel, but I was interested enough to find out more about the mysterious Fleck. And as I am always up for a bit of adventure myself, I gladly signed on for a dose of web democracy. Not only did I get a nice email welcoming me to the beta program, I was also able to participate in one of the silliest web surveys ever.

But while I don’t yet know whether Fleck is anything more than a bit of fun, it was an amusing detour in an otherwise straight lane sort of day.

Thanks also to Boris from Fleck for the personal email sent via his Blackberry. It is always refreshing to see that the web doesn’t have to be so serious.


2 thoughts on “What the Fleck?

  1. hey gavin,
    Yea Boris seems like an interesting guy, not sure exactly whats up with fleck yet either, but Boris has always been very personal, and it seems like he’s done some good things in the past (eg. preople.com) and is serious about making something of fleck,
    glad you like our site,

  2. A few of the questions in the Fleck Survey 🙂
    1. Do you like sushi?
    2. How do you spell ‘dyslectic’?
    3. Do you prefer bath or shower?
    Looking forward to see what the fleck this service is all about.

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