Handing Innovation Over to the Bozos

Isn’t it funny the way that smaller, innovative companies change as they grow. With the trappings of success come legions of consultants who will help you to "grow your business". And while there are serious advantages to developing strong processes and internal systems, it is also easy for these processes and systems to stamp out the thing that made your company unique.
Often it starts with a new "mission statement". Then comes the offsite strategy meeting (or "love in"), the hiring of a fleet of MBAs and a renewed focus on "innovation". Suddenly, being "creative" simply does not come into your business day.
Does this sound famillar? Guy Kawasaki has a way of rating the level of "bozosity" in your company. Want to rate your company? Do an evaluation online.
Remember, it is not your score that is important, it is what you do about it that counts!