Planners from Pluto, Creatives from Deep Space 9

There is often a divide between Account Planners on one hand and Creatives on the other. They are both (roughly) engaged in the same activity, but seem to speak in different languages. By way of bridging the gap there are two posts on Russell Davies blog:

  • Assignment 4: Account Planning School of the Web — a project that will test the breadth of knowledge and agility of mind of many account planners
  • Meet a designer — an interview (available as a Quicktime file) with Stefan Bucher.

The assignment is great because it provides Creatives an understanding of the steps that (good) Account Planners follow in approaching a marketplace. And the interview is great because it talks about the things that go wrong in the process of bringing creative ideas into that market.

Now I am sure you all have stories to tell from both sides. Come on, now, don’t be shy (I will post mine later).