New PR + Online = End of Traditional Advertising?

David Meerman Scott’s eBook (referred to yesterday) has resonated in an interesting way for me. One of the things I liked about it is that it turns PR into a highly activating tool for the marketer. And when you combine the ascendency of online advertising with this proactive, strategic take on PR, you could imagine a world where traditional advertising becomes almost "old fashioned".

And if PR spending is to grow by 9% per year (as reported in The Economist), then there truly could be a revolution in media strategy underway. However, as PR Machine notes, you if these element are to combine, then they need to combine in a way that allows the type of collaboration that results in telling deep, engaging content. It is true that you can’t produce something like an episode or series of Friends in your bedroom (where you can produce music or a blog), but once you move into the living room and out into the world wide web, you can still do something like The French Democracy!