Visitors who Self Select Your Story

Google AdWords is an interesting system. As you become more refined about what you are searching for on Google, you are presented with links to sites that may have something (a product or service) which may be attractive to you. All this is based on the search information you are entering.

In a way, AdWords help people self select your story from all the others on the web. Of course, getting someone to click through is still a challenge — can you put your whole story into a half dozen words? But if you are very prescriptive, you can generate some target leads.

But then, what do you do? Seth Godin’s article on Funnel Marketing reminds us not to dash forward and try to make the sale. He says:

At this point, your job is not to make a sale. Selling is just one option in a range of things you can do to further drive him down the funnel. You can engage in a dialogue (by phone or email) that takes place over time and avoids the all-or-nothing cliff of "buy now or go away forever". You can further inform or entertain, all in the service of your goal of increasing the interest, education and value of this prospect.

This approach means understanding the funnel, and then treating people differently depending on their position within the funnel. This means not one story, but many stories that resonate with your customers.

Does it sound like more work? Does it sound like a more rewarding approach? I vote yes.