The Joy of Hypertext

I love the way hypertext works. I was reading Olivier Blanchard’s excellent Brand Builder blog, and saw that it is now being syndicated through the Corante Network. So I dutifully clicked through, hoping to find out what this might mean … what the benefits would be and so on.

And sure enough, there is some great content available there.

In particular, I liked what John Yunker says about the challenges of globalisation. It is all very well taking a property, a brand or a license and moving it into a new market BUT unless you know that market well, unless you are willing to spend some time to find the right partners, approaches and messages, breaking through will be much harder. Sesame Street is shown as a great case study …

Great stories don’t always translate. Sometimes it is language, sometimes it is nuance. And sometimes it is far more complicated. At the heart of this challenge is respect for your audience … and when you meet someone new, it is polite to listen first before you start talking. There is much to learn.