Google Pack Opens Another Door

It strikes me that Google is constantly opening new doors for us all to walk through. Amazingly, we are all still happy to do so!

The Google guys have been one of the success stories of the Internet age. They continue to align their own story with action. They use acts and deeds as a way of further illustrating and extending the Google story, with the Google Pack only the latest in a long string of efforts.

The Google Pack draws upon the massive goodwill owned by the Google brand. By offering a range of useful softwares for free, they are using their huge distribution network to begin building credibility in household software — essentially following the path that Microsoft used with Internet Explorer. And we all know how well that worked!

I think it will be easy to see how much market penetration occurs. Just check your site access logs for the number visitors using the Firefox browser. If it gets above 7-8% then you know Google is succeeding.

If you are particularly keen help on this front, you can add the Explorer Destroyer to your own site.


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