Changing the Game

To make a difference you need to go beyond the brand. You have got to go to the heart of an experience. You have to ask a question and not accept the throw away answer.

As marketers we are often asked to accept the wishes or ideas of a client, but how many of us actually ask that client a simple question – "why"?

You may be surprised at the answer … or perhaps not.

When a client sends through a brief, we can all respond to the request … but the brave marketer, the innovator will take a harder look at the requirements, and hopefully, question the brief itself. I like to think that we can sometimes ask the question that the client has not yet imagined … and in doing so, create something that will "change the game".

But before we can change the game, we have got to have the courage to change our own approaches. Maybe we even need to reimagine how we see ourselves. Perhaps we need to be, as Seth Godin suggests, "architects" rather than "marketers".