A chilled out world?

I like the idea of a chilled out world – but I just don’t buy it. There seems to be way too many "chillin" types out there and not enough us frreeeaakin’ types. Either it is the time of day I visited, or the type of visitor that the site attracts, but the WorldChill site seems way too laid back for me.

At least there were pockets of "freakin" showing up on the interactive map of Iraq – but this simply appears to be protest voting on a world stage.

Visitors can choose where they would like to place their mark. By selecting a point anywhere on the world, and entering a user ID together with a reason for feeling, slowly a map of emotional energy is appearing across the world. You can even download a screensaver and desktop application that brings this information to you. And because we are all creatures of habit, it is more than likely that the data being passed through is statistically reliable.

You know, the more I think about this site and the information it collects, the more I am moving from "calm" through "bugging" and way past "freakin’".