Flash in the Pan?

Macromedia has finally released Flash 8, with roadshows and presentations happening across the globe. There are even online web seminars that will help us all come to grips with the funky new features. These Macromedia guys really know how to launch a product!

But are we ready for it? So far, most efforts have concentrated on implementing video for the web. Some sites have cleverly integrated cool music to beef up the presentation, but this is only beginning to scrape the surface of what is possible.

It is important to focus on <b>interactivity</b> – providing non-linear possibilities that are designed to promote action, reaction and engagement from the end-user. Video streaming is only going to provide that single story, but we all want more. So much more.

This is a challenge for all designers and developers. It is also a  challenge for writers. From this point on, it is essential that all begin to work collaboratively – more in the way in which game developers work. A flash in the pan? Not likely.