Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

I wrote articles on a number of these posts last week, but a series of small mishaps and glitches means that they have been reduced to bullet point references. Be sure to read these posts. There’s some great brain food ready for the eating:

  1. BL Ochman shares a bunch of her favourite social media tools. But what are yours? I still love SocialMention. It does a lot of things with elegance.
  2. Not really a blog post, but a discussion: check out the Greenpeace vs Nestle conversation for a different perspective.
  3. Michael Bush takes a hard look in the mirror in My Life, Seen Through the Eyes of Marketers
  4. Ekaterina Walter looks into Digital Body Language and 8 Marketing Secrets
  5. Jye Smith’s presentation at Vibewire’s Fastbreak even brought us all to tears – with the perfect combination of personal storytelling and professional resolve to change the status quo