Coffee Mornings, Sydney

Each Friday morning from 8am (some do arrive earlier), a bunch of social media and advertising bloggers meet for coffee and conversation at one of Sydney’s best cafes – Single Origin. It is more than a meeting of minds – it is a feast of ideas, and a cacophony of good humoured banter. ALL ARE WELCOME. 

But what is it like? Take a look at my presentation on what, why and how coffee mornings are sometimes the best part of the week!

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You can find us sitting at a row of tables outside of:

Single Origin
64 Reservoir Street
Surry Hills

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  1. yahoo how is it working

  2. You are lovely people to have coffee and musings with, just 8am is a nightmare for me on the lower nthn beaches. I hate mornings!!!! ;0) xxx Maybe one morning I could persuade you to venture over the bridge!

  3. I have to travel in anyway, Fi, so if you can come up with a good spot … let us know!

  4. I think this event would be even more compelling if Gavin bought everyone a free coffee when they arrived… and ensured there was a love-heart in the coffee design.

  5. Can I just say that 8am is very early. Do you have an afternoon version? 😉

  6. Elana Bowman /

    I’d love to come next Fri if that’s ok?

  7. Hey – would love to join this week – heard about it at ad:tech. looking forward to meeting everyone.
    kristin rohan
    marketing & communications

  8. Gavin – I wanted to see a dancing bear video, not a google map!
    Hope you’ve been well.

  9. Awesome,
    I work at the SMC on Castlereigh St about once a month. Maybe I might be lucky enough to time my visit perfectly for the next one!

  10. would like to know if anyone is interested in a new kind of organic coffee?? Its a thermogenic fat burning coffee check it out at also …please email me if you are intereted in becoming a independent distributor as well.

  11. Martina Broder /

    I’m driving in from Manly tomorrow if that helps?
    Hit me up on Twitter @ smartiwitter

  12. Come on, Will … have you forgotten us already?

  13. Excellent idea, Neerav. Done!

  14. You’re all having way too much fun over there…gotta pop in for a guest visit someday; dying to meet Jasmin et al too! If you’re ever in the Bay Area we have a version of this at Betsy’s ‘salons’ in S.F. though it’s early eves instead of morns…8am seems like a traffic horror in these parts, since our mass transit isn’t up to snuff. Keep up the grand tour! Hope to be a part of it someday.

  15. I loved your idea of Friday coffee.
    I think that I will come to meet you guys, not tomorrow but maybe another Friday.

  16. @granita mentioned this to me…count me in for this friday!

  17. There are coffee mornings at the northern beaches as well as lots of other places around sydney. Check out or search coffee mornings posterous or twitter #wscm #nscm #escm #nbcm #nwcm #coffeemornings

  18. Maybe I might be lucky enough to time my visit perfectly for the next one!

  19. That’d be tomorrow. Bring a scarf!

  20. The idea of socialising over coffee sounds like a great idea, I haven’t left the couch for days, or that is how it seems. I am trying to master the art of social media as I am told this is the way of the future for marketing one’s business. There is always another link, something else to read, this is how I found your coffee morning. Will try to make coffee one Friday. Bye for now off to the next link.