Here’s to Your Strange Heart

Many, many years ago – back in my early days of social media, I connected with a very strange person. His name is Mike Wagner. He was a boldly creative and generous spirit that leaped at me out of the vast sea of social media chaos. I loved his energy and his thinking.

But the thing is … he stood out. We connected. We conversed. And after many years of connecting over social media, we met – face-to-face – in Des Moines, Iowa – and I felt like we had been friends for years. I thought it was about some deeper truth related to social media. But I was wrong.

And now I know how he did it. He used his STRANGE on me.

In this great TEDxDesMoines talk, he talks about the positive power of strangeness – and how we can tap into our strangeness to connect with the people who can help us solve the problems of our world.

So how do you feel today? I’m full of Johnny Cash today, but tomorrow I expect a touch of Ray LaMontagne. Rock on with your strangeness today.


  1. Hi Gavin, thanks for spreading the insight and wisdom of Mike Wagner. I curate TEDxDesMoines with a great team of friends and we love seeing our speakers’ messages resonate around the world.

  2. Gavin,
    What a beautiful post! I think we worked our “strange” on each other.
    Last time we met you were the stranger visiting Iowa.
    I hope to return the favor one of these days and visit you in your natural habitat.
    Keep creating…it freaks out the predictable,

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  4. Mike’s TED talk just led me to your blog, where I discover we occasionally take some of the same stuff and go off in our own directions. I’ll enjoy exploring your chaos.