You Owe the Companies Nothing

Stan Johnson shares this great rant from Banksy on advertising and advertisers in our society. It’s a little Cluetrain-esq with a more activist angle.

Take a read.

Does he make a fair point? I’m interested to know your point of view … not because it’s inflammatory or because I have a vested interest. How does it make you feel as a CREATOR of content and a CONSUMER of advertising? How do you reconcile this spectrum – or is there even a need? Do we owe companies nothing – or is there some silent, complicit contract or is is a fabrication?



  1. I think the consumer is actually practicing Banksy’s urges in his rant. It is a well-known dictum in advertising that ‘advertising is an intrusion. And therefore has got to be interesting.’ If I extrapolate it to today’s ‘connected’ world, ‘advertising(or brands actions) has to be useful’. The consumer has the choice to ignore the advertiser if they fail to fulfill this criteria. And that is exactly what is happening with more than 85% of new product launches(or campaigns) failing (

  2. It’s certainly challenging advertisers to be more creative and thoughtful! Thanks for the link – looks interesting!