No longer the bridesmaid

I did mean to post about this yesterday but I just had to leave my computer behind and go and MEET some bloggers here in Sydney! After weeks of hovering around the edges of The Viral Garden’s Top 25 Marketing Blogs, the Servant of Chaos blog has broken in to reach No 24! It is a great honour considering the quality of the sites that are on the list — and says much about all my great readers who continue to visit, comment and contribute to this site.

As you know, we have the Age of Conversation eBook coming up but I also have a few other surprises that I can share with you over the next few weeks. Thanks again for all your support — and hey, when you are in Sydney, drop by for one of our coffee mornings or evening drinks!


  1. Couldn’t have happened to anyone more deserving, Gav. Here’s to your meteoric rise to #1 past Seth.
    Don’t get me wrong…I like Seth’s blog and all, but it’s no Servant of Chaos, now, is it? 🙂

  2. Congratulations Gav. Either you have something worth reading or you have a lot of friends.

  3. Gavin you have literally JUST missed it for about 3 straight weeks. Glad you made as SoC definitely deserves to be in the Top 25.

  4. Enjoy the sweet taste of victory Gavin.
    Goddamn it – you made me start blogging again…

  5. Congratulations!!!
    I saw you on the list this week, but hadn’t checked it for a while… I guess I just assumed you had been there for weeks because I figured your blog has been one of the top ones for a long time.
    Good job!!
    Chris Brown

  6. Damnit, I’ve been meaning to congratulate you about that! I’m so happy for you, and you’re so deserving. Very well done, my friend! 🙂

    When’s the party, again?
    Sean (wondering how many points Australia is) Howard

  8. Gavin,
    Congrats… indeed you definitely deserve being in the TOP 25 MKG blogs. And this is just the beginning I’m sure! : )

  9. Congrats. You’ve been in my Top 25 since I started blogging.

  10. You have more than simply earned it. You really do deserve to be on that list… way up at the top too. SoC is a fantastic example for the rest of us to look at and aspire to copy/ rip off/ emulate… you’ve done good.
    Now, when are you getting back over this way? (Looks like my trip to OZ is off for this year.)
    Again, congrats to you!