One List to Unite Them

I should have done this yesterday … but was living in a Z-list haze. So now, to make life easier, here is a HTML version of the Z-list. You should be able to open this in a text editor and paste it into your blog.

Hope this helps!

Download Zlist-cat2.htm


  1. It will always be that you are the MOST generous blogger. Ever. Thanks again for this effort and thanks to Becky and Sharon, too.

  2. We need a minor correction to the Listing for Unconventional Thinking the Blog, which is authored by Mark Stevens. Yes, the same Mark Stevens who wrote “Your Marketing Sucks” and “Your Management Sucks” too. [this isn’t a comment on your marketing or management- they’re the titles of his books.]
    And while I’m the chief nerd, and as some would say Uber-Nerd of MSCO, and also the Editor and Producer of the Unconventional Thinking Blog. I’m not the Author.
    So, since I’m interested in Mark continuing my paycheck, I’d like to ask you to change the Author to Mark Stevens.
    And many, many thanks for you doing such a wonderful job with it…
    God bless you every little one,
    Chris Kieff

  3. Chris … all done. Obviously don’t want to get you into any kind of trouble!
    CK … it was actually quite a lot of fun to work on this. It is nice to see the way the Z-list impacts on blogs — and visiting is the best way to do it!